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Image shows a machine lifting a large tree branch.

Arboricultural Services In Llantwit Major and South Wales

At Arborwood Tree Care Ltd, we offer a wide range of tree services throughout Llantwit Major, Cowbridge, Barry, Porthcawl, Bridgend and Penarth. We have a 24/7 emergency call out service and provide free quotes on request. Why wait? Get in touch today.

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From tree planting and pruning to emergency tree care, Arborwood Tree Care Ltd provides comprehensive arboricultural services to suit your needs.

We set ourselves apart from other arborists and tree surgeons by continually training and developing our skills. By doing this we are able to use the latest techniques on every job. We combine this by investing in the best equipment available and always consider the impact on the environment of all of our work.

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Image shows a red cherry picker with two men on it next to some trees.

Tree Services in South Wales

Crown Thinning: A technique used to allow more light through to the crown without altering the overall shape and size of the tree. Crossing or rubbing branches are removed together with diseased wood.

Formative Pruning: With young trees, formative pruning is sometimes required to help them on there way to maturity with selective pruning. This creates a clear trunk and better spaced canopy.

Crown Lifting: This involves the removal or shortening of lower branches to achieve vertical clearance between the crown of the tree and the ground.

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Deadwood Removal: Branches die in a tree for a number of reasons, the dead limb will eventually break off naturally but this process can be speeded up through inclement and extreme weather conditions. We can safely remove these branches before they become a risk.


Pollarding: In a few situations (long-term wood production, increased underbrush growth and long term size control), pollarding has its place and consists of removing the upper crown of a tree. This practice only works on species with vigorous epicormic growth such as willow, lime and maple, we can advise on other species when you contact us.

Image shows a red cherry picker with two men on it next to a tree.
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Crown Reduction: This can alleviate biomechanical stress by reducing both the leverage and sail area of a tree. Tree reduction work can also allow the retention of a tree within a confined space or be used to create a desired appearance. Unlike topping, the main framework of the tree is retained, therefore a high proportion of the foliage bearing structure remains.

Stump Grinding: This involves the removal of any kind of tree stump into fine particles, no matter what its size. Stump grinding is especially useful when wanting to build a fence, or plant other trees and shrubs nearby.

Emergency Tree Care

Emergency & Storm Damage Work: Sometimes trees fall with disastrous consequences. If this does happen we can be on hand 24 hours a day to clear up the mess. From the destruction of property to blocking the road, we have the specialist equipment to work in any condition any time of the day. We can even provide detailed insurance reports.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) & Conservation Areas: We will contact your local authority as part of our service to check for trees located in conservation areas and whether the tree in question is protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

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"Doug and the team were super professional, knowledgeable, friendly, reliable and carried out a great job. They work so fast and work very well together as a team. I would definitely recommend Arborwood Tree Care Ltd and will use them again. I am glad they were recommended to me. Top marks"

Maxine Stewart-Brown, Facebook Review

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Do you need tree advice? For professional arboricultural services contact Arborwood Tree Care Ltd in Llantwit Major on 01446 792262 or 07910 417471

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